About Us

Hello! I’m Nicole, the face behind Roarsome Kid!

I live on the sunny Gold Coast with my bushy bearded husband and our two girls, Grace (our threenager whose favourite colour is “multicoloured”) and Pippy (our two year old who is happiest whilst playing outside in the mud).

So, you know that blissful moment when your kids cheerfully dress themselves in whatever outfit you have laid out for them? No arguments?

No! I haven’t lost my mind!  Trust me, I am all too familiar with that daily fight with your toddler where they run around the house refusing to put on pants, crying hysterically because that’s not the shirt they wanted to wear today.

But honestly who can really blame them?  Kids clothes can be really… borrrrring!  Have you seen the rows and rows of clichéd clothing in mainstream stores?  Yawn!

Sparkly pink fairies and princesses were simply not what my girls wanted to wear.

I was constantly searching for dinosaurs, trucks, sharks and bugs, and I found heaps… in the boys section.  Which meant our whole wardrobe had to be blue, red or monochrome.  Why?  I hated having to ask for “girl” colours, didn’t boys want to wear colour too?

That’s why here at Roarsome Kid, I sell clothes that are as fun and vibrant as your little ones.

Everything you see here is designed by me with a focus on good quality unisex, colourful clothes that your roarsome little kids will love and will actually WANT to wear.

If you need me, I’ll be here underneath a pile of laundry and laughter, screen printing your goodies by hand, usually at midnight.

When you buy from Roarsome Kid, you are directly supporting a real Aussie family, making you totally roarsome!  Thank you!